Can Hashimoto's Disease be Reversed?

Posted October 9, 2020

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would be making my own mayonnaise, I would have laughed in your face. Now, my homemade mayonnaise is a staple in my fridge and I can make it in less than five minutes. Why? Because for the last 5 years I have been on a journey to reverse my Hashimoto's Disease naturally. Let me tell you more.

I have always loved to exercise and I even made a career of teaching cycling classes, bootcamps, weight lifting classes, and dance cardio. Some days I was exercising for 5 hours through instruction. It seems intense, but it was my job so I did not consider how hard it was on my body. The main thing that took me into the doctor's office was that I was unable to lose weight. I told her that I ate well, exercised often, and could not seem to lose weight. Guess what? She did not believe me. My own doctor gave me a recommendation for a nutritionist, told me to try the ketogenic diet and sent me on my way. It was three more years and many more tests and doctors before I finally started feeling some results and found a healthcare professional who believed that I had a thyroid issue. The takeaway from this little story is this: no one knows your body like you do. If you feel like something is wrong, keep asking questions.

What is Hashimoto's Disease?

Hashimoto's Disease is one of the most common causes of hypothyroidism. Hashimoto's Disease belongs to a class of diseases called autoimmune. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body's immune system begins to attack the body. The immune system's role in the body is to protect it from outside illness by attacking foreign cells.

When the immune system gets false information it can mistakenly attack otherwise healthy body parts, causing symptoms, inflammation, and sometimes serious health problems.

Treatment of Hashimoto's Disease

Hashimoto's can usually be treated through proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Many times medical professionals will prescribe medication that you will have to be on forever. Personally, I wanted to try everything I could to avoid being on medication for the rest of my life. My doctor assured me that I could put off medication to try other, more natural methods of healing first. If you doctor is suggesting medication, ask them if you can try to make lifestyle changes for 12 weeks first, then revisit the conversation about medication. Healing your thyroid can be a long process, but after 12 weeks you should be able to see some improvement that you can discuss with your chosen healthcare professional.

If you feel that hypothyroidism is affecting your life, it's important to visit a doctor and work on reducing your daily symptoms through lifestyle choices. One way to do that is through our twelve-week thyroid reset program. Click here to find out more.

Healing Hashimoto's Disease Naturally

Hashimoto's often comes with many symptoms that can be hard to pin point. For me, the main symptoms of my Hashimoto's Disease are:

Brain fog
Inability to concentrate
Trouble remembering small tasks
Thinning hair
Inability to lose weight
Sleep issues
Not being able to fall asleep
Inability to stay asleep
Gut problems

To be completely honest, I did not even know I was experiencing these other symptoms until I started reflecting on my younger self and noticing how differently my body functioned even just a few years ago. Over the years I have learned how to reduce my symptoms significantly and remain off medicine by following these 5 principles:

Top 5 tips to Reversing Hashimoto's Naturally

Stop Eating Sugar

Stopping sugar consumption is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most beneficial. Eating too much sugar is linked to inflammation, which only aggravates autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's Disease, and causes a drastic increase in symptoms. When we think about sugar, it is easy to only think about things like cookies, cake, candy, and ice cream, but sugar can actually be hiding in plain sight within seemingly 'healthy' foods like canned vegetables or sauces. For those of us with Hashimoto's Disease its vital that we reassess our sugar intake and read every single label before consumption.

Did you know that there are 61 names of sugar? This does not include artificial sweeteners!

Be aware that your brain is probably used to sugar, and your body will have to “detox“ as you are breaking your sugar addiction. For people with thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto's Disease, carbohydrate cravings can be a symptom of a sugar addiction that needs to be broken. Take steps to gradually reduce your sugar intake until you are living a completely sugar free lifestyle. It takes about three weeks, but you will stop craving sugar. Stay strong through your sugar detox, and know that you are doing everything you can to reduce inflammation and reverse the affects of Hashimoto's Disease.

Focus on self care

You have probably heard about the mind body connection, and I am here to tell you that it is real. Whether you are already on Synthroid, trying to heal your thyroid naturally, or have not yet been diagnosed does not matter. We all need self care. Harnessing the power that you have over your symptoms is vital to success. This is my favorite point to make because it involves relaxation.

Take a nap. Seriously, slow down! Prioritizing bedtime has changed my life. I used to go to sleep close to midnight and wake up before 5am to teach a cycling class. That was quite unhealthy! I did not prioritize sleeping and as a result my Hashimoto's symptoms of brain fog and remembering simple tasks left me frustrated and without hope.

I needed sleep, and maybe you do too, but there are many ways to slow down and focus on your mind body connection. Taking baths, journaling, going on a vacation, or even changing up your skincare routine can all be ways to slow down and focus on your overall health.

No Processed Foods

Your thyroid does not like processed foods. When your body is working hard on breaking down chemicals and unknown substances that are often found in processed foods, the thyroid is unable to perform the way it should. Your liver is responsible for many metabolic functions and keeping your liver healthy is the best way to ensure that it can focus on also metabolizing thyroid hormones. A great side effect of removing processed foods is a healthier you! You will notice a clear mind, less joint pain, and healthier skin. I noticed reduction in hives as well!

Foods I avoid eating:

Microwavable meals
Tofu and other soy products
Coffee creamer
Processed condiments
Barbecue sauce
Honey mustard
Greek yogurt with flavoring
Sodas or other high sugar drinks

Foods I include in my diet:

Homemade almond milk
Homemade coconut yogurt (trust me, its very easy!)
Unsweetened herbal tea
Grass fed meats
Cooked leafy greens
Mustard greens
Turnip greens
Collard greens

Take Detailed Notes

Reversing Hashimoto's Disease is a process that can take time. Reversing any disease is hard, but reversing an autoimmune disease? It is all about reducing inflammation. What works for me will help you! But you are unique and some trial-and-error is always involved in figuring out your specific triggers. For example, I can eat broccoli, sweet potatoes, okra, and other goitrogenic foods without issue. Others struggle with symptoms if they consistently eat these things.

Taking detailed notes of when you are feeling symptoms can open your eyes to what needs to change.

Tirosana offers a free symptom tracker to help you navigate this one! 1

Remove Toxins

Clean up your environment. You have changed your diet, focused on self care, and have kept track of your symptoms. Now what? Detox your whole day. Stay away from harmful chemicals that can affect your hormones like certain cleaning supplies, makeups, lotions, and artificial sweeteners. Notice how I did not put artificial sweeteners in the foods section? It is because they are not food! They are manmade chemicals that trick our body into thinking something tastes sweet. Stay far, far away! Use glass containers instead of plastic ones, and stay away from non-stick pans that use harmful chemicals.

One great resource I have used over the years is You can search products that you use daily to see what chemicals you are interacting with everyday, and find non toxic alternatives. 2

That's it! It seems like a lot now, but Tirosana breaks this information down even further and helps you understand the why behind the how. Reversing Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease naturally is possible when you have the right tools in your toolbox. We are on your team, let's do this!

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